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International travel distributors can access the following resources on The Legendary Pacific Coast, see our image gallery and trails and itineraries on this website and our Touring and Product Planner (PDF version).

Chinese Language Resources

1. 不容错过的七天体验 (Must See and Do Experiences in 7 Days)

2. 十天八夜推荐行程 (2NSYD/4NTLPC/2NOOL) (Suggested 10D8N Itinerary (2NSYD/4NTLPC/2NOOL))

3. 三天两夜行程推荐 (Suggested 2N3D Itinerary)

4. 经典太平洋海岸实用租车指南 (Practical Guide to Renting a Car)

5. 点此查阅2017年经典太平洋海岸国际旅游路线及产品推介手册 (TLPC International Touring Product Planner for 2016)

International Touring and Product Planner

Click to view the TLPC International Touring Product Planner for 2016

Map of The Legendary Pacific Coast


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