Byron & Brunswick Heads

Legendary People

Bob Mactavish – introducing the shortboard to the world

Bob McTavish is a local legend famous for introducing the shortboard to the world and now makes surfboards in Byron Bay.

After exploring Hawaii, California, and the Pacific surf destinations in the Sixties, Bob moved to the Byron/Lennox area because it was the best… the surf, the lack of crowds, the beauty, the climate, the just-far-enough-awayness, the relaxed politics.

Now forty years later, although some of those things have been a little diluted, he can’t imagine ever leaving because he’s  added to that list: kids, grandkids, parents-in-law, many friends, a low-key business, great food and coffee. And the surf is still good almost daily if you hunt around a bit. What a place in which to enjoy the planet!