Gloucester & Barrington Tops

Legendary People

Legendary Tassie Devils – Devil Ark

Ok – they aren’t people but a legendary animal!  Gloucester is basecamp for World Heritage Barrington Tops and high on the plateau is Devil Ark, the largest conservation breeding program on mainland Australia for the endangered Tasmanian Devil.  Barrington Tops provides the perfect breeding environment for devils: the Tasmanian-like vegetation and cool, wet and snowy conditions makes the devils feel right at home! This experience in Barrington Tops is utterly unique on mainland Australia.

To get up-close and personal with some devils, watch the feeding program, enjoy some new-born joeys and be immersed in the devil’s natural habitat by entering the huge free range enclosures, contact Tours on Devil Ark.  They are available on selected weekends from September to May. More details on (02) 6558 1408 or visit