Gloucester & Barrington Tops


Barrington is the small township ten minutes north of Gloucester and borders the scenic wonderland of Barrington Tops National Park.  High basalt cliffs and rainforest wilderness, sphagnum moss swamps and trout streams and rolling farmland characterise this World Heritage Listed area.

Barrington Tops is home to diverse plant and animal life, including rare and endangered species. Delicate spring wildflowers, ancient rainforest, fern-lined gorges and heathland are home to the tiger quoll, the powerful sooty owls, re-legged pademelon and the sphagnum frog. Watch out for the brightly coloured rifle bird and flocks of black cockatoos.

The Barrington River rises below Carey’s Peak, within the Barrington Volcano, on the eastern slopes of the Mt Royal Range, within the Great Dividing Range, and flows generally east, joined by five tributaries including the Kerripit, Cobark, and Moppy rivers, before reaching its confluence with the Gloucester River, near Gloucester. The river was named in honour of Lord Barrington from England.

The river is popular with kayakers and canoers due to its sections of white water and attractive scenery and flows through the Barrington Tops National Park.

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Cosseted in a picturesque, river valley at the foot of the Bucketts Mountains, Gloucester is a scenic and charming country town, just a three hour drive north of Sydney. Renowned for its hospitality, Gloucester is a town where you can unwind and relax.

Take a scenic drive into the ranges and adjoining valleys or head for the lookouts, picnic spots and trails of nearby Barrington Tops, Sydney’s closest World Heritage-listed area. The parks myriad 4WD tracks and walking trails – scaled by rangers to accommodate both occasional and serious bush walkers, criss-cross the Tops’ forest. Detailed maps on how to access such scenic wonders as the pool of reflections, the Gloucester Falls, and the various lookouts are freely available at our Visitor Information Centre.

You should also reserve a night for Goldies glow worm and wild life tour. Increasingly known for its clean, green image Gloucester is the home of Barrington beef and perch and alternative agricultural operations including rabbit farming, herb farming, Boer goat and miniature pony studs and native plant nurseries.

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