Richmond Valley & Kyogle

Legendary People

Evans Head Business & Community Chamber

Evans Head Business & Community Chamber welcomes you to our beautiful coastal town. Evans Head has all the comforts of home, essential services, excellent accommodation, restaurants, coffee shops and plenty to do. Come on in – relax – stay awhile, you just might not leave.

Keith Cameron – Craftsman and sculpture

Tabulam beef farmer, Keith Cameron, creates gothic furniture and vast sculptures out of scrap metal. His property has become a favourite place for artists’ camps and a massive silo doubles as art gallery and dining room.

“My family and I moved to The Legendary Pacific Coast from Western Victoria in 1985. We came for the warmer climate and the beauty of the natural forests and rivers. We live at Tabulam near the foothills of the Great Divide and close to the mighty Clarence River. We love the diversity of the people, the warm calm climate and the green summer.  The north coast offers us so much and we feel privileged to call it home”.

Ron Way and Noelle Lynden-Way, Filmakers & Reconciliation Council

Well respected Australian director Ron Way, has worked with Crocodile Dundee, helped Roger Climpson say “This is your life” and been the eye behind the lens for Louis Armstrong. Ron moved to Kyogle from Sydney and hasn’t looked back since.  The retired director and producer dedicated his life to helping create some of Australia’s iconic TV shows, including The Paul Hogan Show and the ABC’s Seven Little Australians.  After studying film and TV at the University of Southern California in America, Ron convinced Channel 7 they would “be mad” not to hire him and, much to his surprise, they did. He worked as a producer on Paul Hogan’s show, which he very much enjoyed but he picked Seven Little Australians as the “pride and joy” of his career.  Ron has run numerous charitable activities in Kyogle since moving to the town, including the mentoring of local students and the production of Kyogle’s centenarian short film.

“Like most residents of Kyogle Shire, we love where we live. People are friendly here and really care about each other and their community – there are so many volunteer groups in Kyogle you can spend every day if you wish doing something for others. It is Australians at their best living well together in fresh air surrounded by some of the most beautiful farm country and northwards the magnificent Border Ranges.

In the town of Kyogle we have an art gallery, library, 50 metre swimming pool, movie theatre, hospital, new senior citizens centre, community technology centre, family support and community care centre, aged care hostel and nursing home, botanic gardens, bush walks and a huge amphitheatre which is used for community get togethers. A friend from Sydney came up to visit recently and told us “You’ll live longer up here – this is as close to paradise as one can get!”  We agree”.