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Newcastle to Shortland

Visit the Hunter Wetlands Centre

Take the short drive from Newcastle to Shortland, about 15 minutes for an out of the ordinary way to explore nature.  Hire a segway and zip around the RAMSAR listed Hunter Wetlands Centre. A segway is a two wheeled self balancing electronic transportation device, and with 45 hectares to see there is no better way to cover ground.

Other activities on offer to help you discover the magic of wetlands include: dip netting; wildlife watching; self-guided walks and guided ecotours; feeding talks; canoeing; picnics and barbecues. Hunter Wetlands Centre  is recognised as a leader in wetlands conservation, nature tourism and education.

Until the mid 1980s this vibrant wetland refuge was a dump in every sense of the word. Over the previous century, the massive Hunter estuary wetland system known as Hexham Swamp had been progressively filled for rubbish, railways and recreation, leaving only fragmented patches of remnant wetlands across the estuary. A significant patch of wetland in Shortland was converted to football fields and a clubhouse.

Today, Hunter Wetlands Centre Australia is a vibrant wetland ecosystem bursting with life. The site is regarded as a wetland of national and international importance and the centre enjoys a growing reputation for excellence in wetland conservation, education and ecotourism.

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