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Barrington Tops National Park – Scenic Drive

A drive into the National Park is a must when visiting Gloucester.  There are two main entry points by vehicle and many places to take walks from once within the park  for both beginners and highly experienced walkers.

To access eastern Barrington Tops

From Gloucester, take Bucketts Way before turning right onto Gloucester Tops Road. After about 30km, you’ll reach the Gloucester River precinct of the park, and further on you’ll find the Gloucester Tops precinct.

To access northern Barrington Tops

From Gloucester, take Thunderbolts Way, which becomes Scone Road and Barrington Tops Road. After about 45km, you’ll reach Cobark picnic area. Continue on for other sites within Polblue and Devils Hole precinct of the park.

You’ll feel like you’re on the edge of the known world while standing on Devils Hole lookout in Barrington Tops. Suitable for wheelchairs, the easy, paved track winds from Devils Hole campground and picnic area.

The snow-grassed montane woodland of the gentle Barrington plateau stretches behind, while dense forests, wild gorges, and ridges of the Barrington wilderness lie below. On a clear day, the view extends to the coast, over 90km to the east.

If the clear mountain air has kickstarted your appetite, stroll back and unpack the hamper at the picnic area. If you’re hungry for more scenery, try nearby Thunderbolts lookout.

Please note: Visitors are advised the condition of the gravel roads in Barrington Tops National Park can vary, depending on weather and level of use. This includes Barrington Tops Forest Road, which at times can be corrugated with potholes. Motorists are advised to be prepared for variable road conditions at all times, and to drive carefully according to conditions (this includes reducing speed). For more information about road conditions in the area, contact Gloucester Visitor Information Centre in Gloucester.


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