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Stockton and Port Stephens

If you’d prefer to drive than take the short ferry ride from Newcastle to Stockton to discover the rich maritime history and see Tin City, follow Hannell Street onto Industrial Drive and then follow B63 north.  The drive should only take about 25 minutes depending on your starting point.

There are over 100 ships wrecked where you can take the ‘Shipwreck Walk’ along Stockton Breakwall. Stockton is also famous for its massive sand dunes, the largest moving coastal sand mass in the southern hemisphere. The sand dunes have formed the background of many films, including the popular Australian ‘Mad Max’ films. It’s  a popular spot for four wheel driving and sand boarding tours.

From here you can travel into Port Stephens to visit Nelson Bay for lunch or a dolphin watching cruise.  The drive from Stockton should take about 50 minutes if you follow B63.  Along this road you will go through up to 7 roundabouts following the signs to Nelson Bay.

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